A-004 Dishwasher Machine Rinse Aid

Acton’s Dishwasher Machine Rinse Aid is a specially formulated rinse additive for commercial dishwasher machine operation. Acton’s rinse aid dramatically reduces spotting and streaking while accelerating the drying time of glass and dishware. The synergistic action of the surfactant system  boosts the power of detergent  during the wash cycle.


Product Benefits:

  • Contains highly active dispersants and surfactants to boost detergent cleaning power.
  • Specially formulated to accelerate drying time.
  • Works excellent in hard water conditions.
  • Non corrosive, aids in longer life of the dishwasher machine.
  • Contains only safe chemicals (No ammonia, bleaching agents, CFC’s, phosphates, neurotoxins, and carcinogenic chemicals).
  • Prevents water spots and streaking.


Usage Directions:

Fully insert the rinse aid pipe from the dishwasher machine inside Acton’s Rinse Aid can and operate the dishwasher machine as per machine manufacturer’s recommendation.



5 liters x 4 cans


Technical Data:

  • Appearance : Clear transparent liquid
  • Dilution : Not Applicable
  • pH : 3.0 - 4.0
  • Odor : Characteristic odor
  • Relative Density (@ 20 C) : 1.0
  • Shelf Life : 1 year from date of manufacture


Storage & safe handling:

Refer to material safety data sheets (MSDS)