A-006 Fruit and Vegetable Sanitizer (1:500)

Acton’s Fruit & Vegetable Sanitizer is a liquid concentrate made up of food safe ingredients to clean fruits, vegetables and cutting boards. This uniquely designed formulation does not form free radicals at use concentrations.

Product Benefits:

  • Safely removes toxic contamination, pesticides, chemicals and waxy residues from fruits and vegetables.
  • Eco-friendly and biodegradable ingredients.
  • Antimicrobial properties kills 99.9% of common food-borne bacteria including Salmonella, E-Coli, and Listeria.
  • Treated fruits and vegetables maintain their original taste and flavor.
  • Does not leave any residues after cleaning.
  • Highly concentrated for economical use.
  • Comes in small doses for ease of dilution.
  • Unique no rinse formula reduces food discoloration.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                  Usage Directions:

  1. To sanitize fruits and vegetables - 
    • Pre-wash fruits and vegetables in water to remove any dirt or soils.
    • Dilute 100 ml of Acton's Fruit & Vegetable Sanitizer in 50 liters of water.
    • Soak fruits and vegetables in the dilution for minimum of 60 seconds.
    • Drain thoroughly and allow to air dry (rinsing not required).
    • Avoid porous vegetables like cauliflower and broccoli.
  2. To sanitize cutting boards-
    • Pre-wash cutting board in Acton's Dishwashing & Multisurface Cleaner to remove dirt or soils.
    • Dilute 100 ml of Acton's Fruit & Vegetable Sanitizer in 50 liters of water.
    • Transfer the dilution in a clean spray bottle.
    • Carefully spray on and around the cutting board and let it stand for a period of 30 seconds. 
    • Wipe off the surface with a clean cloth.



100 ml x 20 bottles

                                                                                                                                                                                                   Technical Data:

  • Appearance : Clear transparent liquid
  • Dilution : 1:500
  • pH (concentration) : 1.0 - 2.0
  • pH (@ 1:500 dilution) : 3.0 - 4.0
  • Odor : Characteristic odor
  • Relative Density (@ 20 C) : 1.01
  • Shelf Life : 1 year from date of manufacture

                                                                                                                                                                                                        Storage & safe handling:

Refer to material safety data sheets (MSDS)